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An Avian Protection Plan (APP) is a utility-specific program designed to protect and conserve migratory birds by reducing the risks that result from avian interactions with utility facilities. Utilities companies in New Mexico are encouraged to develop threlocationeir own APPs.

To be successful an APP requires the support of management to integrate the plan into corporate policy. Other considerations are to ensure training of appropriate personnel and compliance with necessary permit guidelines and regulations. NMAP has produced a useful document to help utilities companies prepare an APP, Avian Protection Plan Components, 2004. See NMAP Materials for a copy of this resource.

The Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC), is an organization of utility biologists and the USFWS and has developed standards and guidelines for avian protection. In 2005 APLIC and USFWS released Avian Protection Guidelines, a template for writing an APP. These Guidelines incorporate the latest technological and scientific advances to enable a utility to tailor a voluntary Avian Protection Plan that meets their specific utility needs. It can be found on APLIC’s website

In addition, in 2005, APLIC updated Suggested Practices for Raptor Protection on Power Lines: The State of the Art in 1996 (APLIC 1996). This is an excellent reference document that provides a profile of the research and safeguards now available to remedy the issue of raptor electrocutions, along with examples of how to mitigate electrocution problems. This document will be available in 2006.